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Permissions -- El Nysa


Player: V.

Preferred Contact: [ profile] v__ or viveri#0501 on discord.

Usual tagging times/pace: Variable GMT -5; I try to sweep through my inbox at least once a day but this isn't always possible.

Backtagging: Always!

Fourthwalling policy: Blanket permission.

Action vs. Prose: Prose, but only by a hair.

Offensive Subjects & Triggers: Anything involving sexual assault, I'd like a warning for first.


Physical Violence: I'm chilly writing it, chilly reading it, just ask before inflicting it.

Mental Information: Dirk is generally a pretty cheery guy, if also generally a pretty scared guy. The two coexist, but also vacillate; his ability contributes to this, as it frequently manifests in the form of strong feelings that he ought or oughtn't do something, or that something is or isn't true.

Generally I grant blanket permission for telepaths and empaths to have access to his thoughts and emotions, and I'm a wordy motherfucker so it should be pretty plain what those are at any given moment via my prose.

Physical Affection: This really depends on the closeness of the CR. Dirk is a pretty tactile guy, so touches and hugs and everything are fine, but kiss him without warning and he's going to be weird about it.

IC Triggers: Nothing I can think of offhand. Will update as needed.

Relationships: Friendships or family-type relationships are definitely on the board. Romantic relationships would take some work; I don't mind being approached to discuss the possibility though.

Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Most likely no. If we have close CR, feel free to ask, but again... most likely no, for the same reason romantic relationships are unlikely.

If yes, please state your preferences: For those unlikely circumstances: M/M, possibly M/F. Dirk's preferences are a bit hazy at this stage; I doubt even he has a firm idea of what they are.


Dirk's abilities are generally non-invasive -- while they do rarely grant him insight into other people, it's generally in a particularly useless fashion. He can't read minds, his predictions for the future are only peculiarly accurate when they're also completely inane. In general, his feelings have more to do with the way the universe works -- and even then, they're ill-defined and fuzzy. Anyway, they generally shouldn't infringe too much on anyone else's space, and I'll be sure to ask if I feel like they would, but feel absolutely free to request to opt out in part or entirely anyway.

If you'd also like me to avoid spoilers for Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency to the greatest extent possible, please also let me know!

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