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work in progress; bear with me
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a long mumbling preamble to an AUDIO CALL,

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[ it's been many days. due to his new career pursuits, most nights have been spent out of the house, and daytimes spent catching up on the sleep lost the night before. as such, he hasn't really had the energy (or the face time) to commune about The Current Situation

there may well have been a decent sized element of hoping beyond hope that one very early morning he'd come back and just sort of... Not. be walking into this.

as it is, a day off arrives. too soon. the Infestation is still happening.

and do you know what, being now both well-rested enough and Exhausted enough to stand in the middle of an otherwise empty house with so many watching eyes and acknowledge that this is not going away of its own accord, John Watson isn't pulling any metaphorical punches.

ring ring, dirk. ]
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[ John waits him out. bravely standing through the inevitable Dirkery until it's his turn to speak, and ]

Yeah. Could you tell me what exactly is happening?
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Right— let me - clarify. [ deep breath, John Watson. steady yourself. here we go. ] I'm surrounded by waterfowl. Why?
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Okay. [ DEEP..... BR.... okay... ] The place that you and I already have trouble almost falling over each other in.
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Friendly. They're wooden ducks.

[ how can they be????? anything??? they're wooden ducks. dirk isn't the only one who knows he knows what the other means while still opting to ignore that knowledge. John is, at least, for the benefit of both parties and under the scrutiny of ducks, doing his best to remain calm. ]

Where did they come from? Don't tell me you went out and bought -
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[ there is a period of quiet on John's end. he's weighing his chances, his motivations, his ultimate aims. the conclusion? ]

Mn. [ there is not enough incentive to make this into a battle, ] Right. Well. That's fine, you call it what you like and keep them where you like, but I'm liberating my bedside table.

[ he will have A Patch of unducked space if he is to surrender the rest. ]
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[ and herein lies the reason why he attempted to enact a last minute tactical retreat: because, really, the addition of a collection of ducks to their little shithole really doesn't negatively impact his life, or impact it at all in the current grand scheme of things, and now he's got to Converse about it. ]

No. They're... fine. Just not something I expected to find, that's all.

[ ... find back when the ducks actually moved in anyway. ]

Not my personal preference for rolling over and waking up to, either, so Stephen'll be finding somewhere else to sit. But other than that, put them where you like.
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Yeah, they're fine. —Listen, I don't care. About the ducks. It's fine.

[ this is the exact opposite of what he initiated this phone call to say, but the sooner he can hang up the better ]
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Absolutely fine.

[ he's fine, the ducks are fine, everything's fine. glad we cleared that up. ]
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That was it, yeah.

[ and let's never talk about it again ]
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Thank you, yes. I had noticed.

[ no further comment?? no further comment, and the response is perhaps somewhat terse and tight around the edges. ]
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[ excuse your out of nowhere on the nose assessment and also how dare you ]
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[ an inhalation and the brief silence Dirk may by now be able to align with John taking a moment to assess both his life and immediate circumstances - ]

Right. Well, that's unfortunate. Probably dead now.

[ so...... consol... ation? actually not really the sort of thing that ought to be said, so for that reason and that reason alone he'll throw a conversational bone, if not The Actual Bone because at no point has John signed Dirk's Talk Shit About Sherlock permission slip. principally because he's not yet been a topic of conversation, and with that in mind "awful roommate" isn't the introduction John's going to present him with. ]

I've had my share.
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[ and this is a slightly different sort of silence, one in which he gapes unseen at the wall in hopes of enlightenment or escape. ]

... Right. Okay. [ ??? ] Thanks. [ should this warrant more of a response? possibly. but what? he sure as hell doesn't know, so why not chuck out a couple of words and hope for the best? ] That's - good.
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[ wow??? on an ordinary day the thank you might be jarring, but as it is he's too unexpectedly put out by what comes before to really hear it. ]

Yeah, fine. [ absent, the vocal equivalent of a dismissive wave of a hand, a don't mention it, because what he's actually got to say is - ] Sounds like a bit of a prick, your old housemate.
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— Oh. [ oh. John may have been a bit late aboard the uni boat, but he can certainly appreciate the nature of students and the student experience. and, yeah. contextually, that does seem standard, even if the specifics still qualify his ex-roommate for prick status.

still, hackles previously raised settle. ]
Yeah. Quite a lot of people are pricks before they hit 30. Quite a lot of people are pricks after, but that is what it is.

Anyway, don't worry about the ducks. I only didn't come to you about it sooner because I've hardly been awake and in the house enough during daylight hours to bother. I haven't worked nights for a while, I was happy to accept I could be hallucinating. [ well, no, not really, that's sort of a joke. ]