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app -- little hades

 Player Information
Name: V.
Age: 27
Contact: [ profile] v__
Characters In-game: None.

 Character Information
Name: Dirk Gently

Canon: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Canon Point: End of s1! Fade-to-black implying incoming murder. Thumbs up!

Age: I... don't know exactly. It's possible he doesn't know exactly. Early 30s?

A human whirlwind. A walking disaster zone. 5'9", dark reddish-brown hair, dark blue eyes, reasonably goofy-looking, penchant for wearing extremely expensive and very colourful leather jackets.

Physical changes: Nada.

They're not his powers so much as powers of the universe having to do with him. Unusual, supernatural things, that is to say, happen to him, rather than him making them happen. He's a magnet for unusual and startling coincidences, frequently involved with mayhem, murder, and certainly well-acquainted with madness. He gets feelings about things, undefined (and frequently undefinable) hunches, which could lead him to be mistaken for a psychic, but he isn't. Nor, in fact -- and before you ask -- is he with the CIA. Not anymore.

Dirk's earliest background is not explicitly elaborated upon in the series, though it is strongly implied that he spent a good portion of his childhood and youth in the custody of the CIA's project Black Wing division. Black Wing's stated goal was to seek out, catalogue, contain, and study individuals with sensory perceptive abilities beyond the normal human scale. At some point roughly 16 years before the events of the show, he escaped along with roughly 30 other Black Wing subjects, none of whom have yet been contained. What Dirk did between then and the events of the show is only hinted at, but it seems that during this time he develops the yen to use his unusual ability to solve equally unusual cases, to use his hunches -- which he says never help him -- to help other people. At the outset of the series, this takes him to Seattle, where he has been hired to investigate the death of billionaire Patrick Spring... by the victim, roughly six weeks before the fatal events take place. From there he is set off on a pinball course, ricocheting off of events and characters drawn into one another's gravity, orbiting in frenetic spirals and eventually, finally, falling all together to solve the case, save the girl, and maybe sort of kind of make a friend.

The actual chain of events is somewhat difficult to explain, and arguably not terribly important anyway. All that one really needs to know is that it involves a cadre of body-swapping cultists, a dog with the soul of a girl, a girl with the soul of a dog, several ex-Black Wing subjects, a kitten, a shark explosion, a buried death-maze, a holistic assassin, an electrician, a bellboy, an 80s pop icon, time travel, fur coats, the CIA, the FBI, the Seattle police, and an astonishing amount of violent death.

And then the terminal end. Dirk, along with the other Black Wing subjects, is ordered terminated by the CIA. An encounter in broad daylight, military triggerman and holistic detective. Both vanish.

(For the purposes of this app: kaboom.)

Hell Status: Heaven Transfer

What Brings Them To Hell:
He's very good at getting into trouble, whether he wants to or not. It's how he is. What he is. A universal constant.

He's less good at getting out of trouble, so while he might not be a criminal, he's really awfully good at looking like one. Certainly he's not the sort of person you really want to have around if boring is what you're aiming for.

The Pitch:
What an absolutely Hellish bundle of enthusiasm. What an absolute fool. What a sweet child. What an incredible pain in the ass. Dirk Gently... how do you explain Dirk Gently? That's not me leading into a meme, I just genuinely don't know. He sits at a lovely crossroads between peculiarly erudite and impossibly dense. He's convinced of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, therefore he doesn't need to do or know anything in particular, or indeed anything at all, which is incredibly relaxing. He's terrified yet he's brave, he's cavalier yet kind, helpless and determined. He's capable of offering an unintentional insult in the same breath as a genuine, heartfelt compliment. He is, in short, a genuinely delightful human being who deserves only good things.

Let's not give him any. The universe has never been so inclined, and neither am I. Fortunately, he's never let that get him down -- he's as delighted by the unusual as he is distressed by it, perhaps out of necessity. Hell, in fact, seems like the perfect place for him to ply his trade. Even if it's just tracking down lost cats, his penchant for working with the unusual might just give him a leg up on the competition when it comes to bumbling about and coming, eventually and by happenstance, to a more or less actionable conclusion.

That is, of course, assuming that anyone is willing to put up with him -- which itself is assuming that they really have a choice in the matter.

Setting Fit:
Dirk's personality is, quite frankly, completely irrelevant. Sure, he's persistent enough and bright enough and cheery enough to be classified as a punishment to anyone forced to interact with him, but really, all that matters here is that he's astonishingly disaster-prone. He is, in fact, naturally inclined to find himself in as much trouble as possible, regardless of how hard he tries to run from it, and there's no place more troublesome than Hell. It was absolutely inevitable.

Ending up in Heaven was just a temporary complication. That he's a relentlessly good person -- in his own helpless, foolish, neurotic sort of way -- has never helped him in any way before. Why on Earth, or in Heaven, or the Hell should it help him now?

oops here's some more stuff

Specifically I expect he'll take his banishment more or less in stride; death was a complication that didn't stop him pursuing his dream of becoming a Very Good Detective and I strongly doubt relocation to Hell will either. On the contrary, it may well be the perfect setting for him -- finally a place where weird is commonplace, where his particular talents (or utter lack thereof) may just give him an advantage, however slim and ultimately completely irrelevant, over the competition.

Even if not, though, he's not going to stop trying. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It's not so much that he brings trouble with him as it is that he is irrevocably drawn towards it, against his own will, by absolute happenstance -- much to the chagrin of very nearly everyone forced to interact with him. If divine punishment has a name, that name is Svlad Cjelli Dirk Gently.

Fortunately, this gives him a reason -- universally bad therefore universally good -- to end up in just about any situation imaginable. If luck were a lady, the things that happen to Dirk would be enough cause to send her to Hell too.

While none of this inclines him specifically to work directly with, say, the police department, that doesn't mean he isn't likely to have more than his share of brush-ins with them even if he isn't trying to get himself into trouble. Which, generally, he isn't. It just sort of happens. All the time. Constantly.

Equally fortunately (?), his near-boundless enthusiasm also means that while he isn't getting himself into trouble, or at least while he's on the way to trouble but not quite in it yet, he could just as easily be doing just about anything else. Walking hellhounds? Brilliant! Waiting tables? Messy! Peddling books? He hasn't read them but they're probably great! Really, what can't this man do? (Aside from anything of real use.)