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2021-04-08 09:24 pm
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The world held its breath. Quietly and gently there settled on him the knowledge that something, somewhere, was ghastly. Something was terribly wrong. There was a disaster hanging silently in the air around him waiting for him to notice it. His knees tingled.

-code credit to [personal profile] yanyan; artwork by tumblr user mindblownie.
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2020-02-02 02:13 pm

How Am I Driving?

Comments? Complaints? Lay 'em on me. All replies are screened.
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2019-05-31 08:07 pm
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IC Inbox -- Pines

placeholder; bear with me
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2018-02-04 11:59 am
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IC Inbox || Little Hades

   unknown number
▼   X
thats new on me & not a lot is new on me so well done. how will i know which one is you??????
unknown number: what
hrry up imNA TAxi
DG: could you try honking blink your lights maybe
unknown number: INEE A
in not a taxi i

it must be terribly difficult to type in your current state 😱😱 have you considered morse code

😟😟😟 i dont actually know morse code dont use morse code
unknown number: WHY IS THSI THE ONly # ON this PHonE


DG: well why did you say that you were????? seems counterproductive though i suppose i cant judge

who even is this if not a taxi????

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2017-07-06 06:30 pm
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IC Inbox || El Nysa

work in progress; bear with me
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2017-05-26 12:55 pm
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2017-02-02 02:14 pm
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