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Jul. 20th, 2017 05:59 pm
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Hey, Pinecones. Trace here, making this post after a lot of deliberation and with a heavy heart. We as a mod team have always done our best to be open and transparent with our playerbase, so we're bringing this to you despite not yet having a solid game plan or solution.

The problem: The mod team that we've had over the last couple of months have, despite their best efforts, not had the time or energy available to devote to the actual running of a game. While we had more than enough manpower to maintain pages, I've been soloing anything and everything plot-related for lack of any other teammates who felt equipped or comfortable handling that high-pressure task. For a while, this was difficult but ultimately sustainable, but the sheer quantity of work involved in turning over to Arc II largely by myself finally burnt me out altogether.

I can't keep doing this. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep doing this when I put out a call for mod volunteers for the third month in a row, but unfortunately, the volunteers we received would only be able to do the same sort of work my current co-mods are able to do, and not the kind of work necessary to take the brunt of the game's weight off of me a little.

The solution(s): I don't know. Realistically, I can see a couple of possibilities.

The first possibility is that I hand the game over to volunteers in full. I'm not sure which of the team would stay on if this were the case — I know Mel is on her way out too, for similar reasons. I'd give you everything I have re: the future of this game, all plot ideas, all spoilers and world-building.

Frankly, this option isn't likely to succeed for a number of reasons. For one, any volunteers to run the game likely would have similarly volunteered to help run it over the last few months of urgent requests for co-mod volunteers, so I'm not terribly confident that anyone will step forward on this. Secondly, in the name of transparency: We may have already lost too much momentum for the game to recover. A large percentage of our playerbase has already bowed out, and a new mod team would need to troubleshoot how to pull out of this particular nose-dive or they'd just be flying this plane straight into the ground.

That being said, this game means a lot to quite a few people and I don't want to up and close the game down without doing what I can to work through a solution first.

The second possibility is to close down the game. This is not something I suggest lightly, but I've been fighting the necessity of this option for months now and the alternatives keep falling through.

This shut-down wouldn't necessarily have to be permanent. I just need a break, just a couple of months to reclaim some semblance of a healthy mental state, and if I were able to gather a sufficient mod team in that amount of time to run the game smoothly with the heavy lifting able to be divided equally between two or more mods, we could potentially reopen sometime this fall. This is not a for-sure by any means, and it's not something I'll actively pursue unless I feel like I'm in a place where I can take on this kind of responsibility again.

The third possibility is not one I'm very thrilled with, but it's only fair that I present it: The game could turn into a musebox, where characters are able to play within the setting unsupervised. This is not ideal, simply because it would be impossible to maintain any semblance of the current world-building progression we've set into place. Players would essentially be 'winging it' plot-wise from here on out, making up what exists outside of the fence and NPCing the town for themselves. Not an ideal outcome for such a plot-heavy game, but a possibility if this is what the majority of players would prefer.

I'm also open to discuss any possibilities not mentioned here! This isn't an official vote of any kind, but rather, a way to discuss with our core playerbase what the best possible outcome might be for the game as a whole.

Go ahead and leave your feedback here or in the relevant Plurk. And from the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry for all of this.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 08:52 pm
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Who: Makoto Niijima ([personal profile] popess) & Jade Harley ([personal profile] witchhooded)
What: makoto and jade adopt a pet
When: Descent Part 2
Where: the woods
Warning(s): n/a

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Jul. 19th, 2017 09:29 pm
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Who: Porpentina Goldstein ([personal profile] goldsteins) OR Saber ([personal profile] estimable) and YOU
What: Catchall for the Descent for Emi's characters
When: Intro Logs times
Where: Landing-> Traveling -> Outpost
Warning(s): SOME PG13 IN HERE PROBABLY DON'T LOOK AT ME. Will be updated as needed

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Jul. 18th, 2017 07:11 pm
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Who: Junpei ([personal profile] coolerjunpei), Yusei ([personal profile] planetary_bonds), Magnus ([personal profile] ruffboi), Snake ([personal profile] ripvanwinkled), Taako ([personal profile] chaoticlootral)
What: a bunch of idiots fight spiders (really only Taako fights spiders)
When: during the part 2 intro log
Where: the woods
Warning(s): just a bunch of idiots, also spiders

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Jul. 18th, 2017 06:00 pm
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open — sounds fake, but okay.

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:43 am
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Who: peter nureyev as pierce steel and you.
Where: a lawn full of mugs, a library, and other places.
When: july.
What: it's a catch-all.
Warnings: he's made of knives and high heels?

❪ plotting ❫ THE DESCENT

Jul. 15th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Feel free to use this post to plot for The Descent.
Go wild!


Jul. 15th, 2017 04:18 pm
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Jul. 12th, 2017 11:59 pm
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*currently up-to-date. unless you have received a comment your housing arrangement is not yet official.

Good evening, El Nyans!

I am Emi and tonight I come as your official landlord during your temporary stay within El Nysa beginner housing. Even if you have planned roommates please read and respond to this post! I will be listing every character and house of our current players in the document. So if I don't have everyone I won't hunt you down, but we're all just going to assume you live in a cardboard box in the middle of the woods.

Things you should know:
The housing is big enough to comfortably fit 2-4 people but you could consider it college dorm living: You won't want to stay there forever. Understand also that fewer roommates does not mean more room, either!

This is by no means a place where characters are allowed to stay permanently. Housing in this district will be wiped every two months to accommodate the application cycle (as the application cycle is not fully decided by the mods, this may change). So roughly your character has two months to figure out where the heck they're going to live. If your character decides "eh, this is cheap I'm going to stay here," sorry tough luck. They'll still be booted.

The housing district you'll be staying in itself is crowded and possibly somewhat not up to health code. As it's the area where foreigners and immigrants are first placed and the rent there is dirt cheap comforts are probably minimal all around! Keep that in mind with all of your plannings and future plannings when it comes to housing.

The layout of the housing area will be established when I have a better idea of how many houses will be needed. But roughly think a hallway of twenty rooms, evens on the left and odds on the right. I am going to try to stick with 20 as a good number for each set of houses.

For the most part, El Nysa beginner housing is randomized and unisex. Of course there are people who have already decided roommates and this is absolutely fine! Some players will also want characters to have the same gender or fewer roommates and I am perfectly all right with accommodating to this.

So what do I need from you guys?

Below you will find several top levels:
The first is for Housing Questions. I have been given privy to what the houses look like, but as the mods want to keep everyone at a suspense to what they are I'm not going to go into detail yet. I've also been given authority over what the housing district is like so I mean you could totally be living in cardboard boxes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Totally. What I will say is there is a bathroom, communal living space, and room for beds for the occupancy as a whole.

Established Roommates. This is where a number of people will flock to. If you've already established who your roommates are please come here. This is if your room is entirely filled. If you've decided on only having one other roommate and don't want to randomize any others this is the place for you!

Only one person from each group needs to respond, but please make sure you list all characters and their series.

Partial Established Roommates. This toplevel is for if you have at least one other person you've established as a roommate but are all right with having more randomized roommates. In this case please follow the form listed below to establish how many more you would like.

Randomized Roommates. This one will be three different toplevels. Each one will be for number of roommates. So if you only want ONE other roommate you would go to the first. If you are all right with THREE to the last one. This does not mean you will necessarily have three, but it leaves you open to it in the future if more characters come in.

IF YOU ARE GOING RANDOMIZED AT ALL PLEASE GET YOUR FORM/PLACEMENT IN BEFORE JULY 18TH 11:59 PM EST. This is five days and while I will accept them beyond this point, I would like the vast majority of it before then! As the game starts the 15th and by this point people will be kneedeep in intro log this will allow it to be established before getting into your homes!

If you have planned neighbors please let me know that in your comment as well! For all people who fill out the form this will be included, but as it is unnecessary to for the established roommates please include it in your comment.

Lastly, this is supposed to be FUN! While I will try to stay true to the essence of what randomization means I am also aware there are various comfort levels for player and characters alike. While the living conditions aren't supposed to be superb, you as a player should not have to worry about hostility within a CR living space (unless you want to). I want to accommodate everyone's needs so please feel free to contact me at any point with any concerns you may have!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to utilize this post, message me on Discord (Emi #8342), plurk [ profile] farkleuvius, or either of my character journals ([personal profile] estimable/[personal profile] goldsteins).

Comment form:


Jul. 12th, 2017 04:38 pm
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[Someone's breaking in this here video thing, because it's backward tech far behind what she's used to but she can understand it. Leia's hair is just in a braid on one side, and it's clear that she didn't intend to be doing this. Anyone who's seen her house, or who lives on her street can probably tell that she's sitting on her front stoop, and she's holding an open box with a bright blue ribbon. Inside the box there's a silver tube, and she lifted it up slowly.]

Is this supposed to be a joke?

[Her voice is deadpan and calm, even as she removes the saber and flicks the switch on, activating the blue blade.]

My brother is the jedi, not me. Does this mean that you have him somewhere? Or Ben Kenobi? Or someone else?

[She can't help that her hope is up a little about Luke, even if the saber is a different color than the one that he made after he lost his hand (and saber) to Vader.

Still the lightsaber in her hand feels right, like an extension of herself and if she closed her eyes she could still feel it with senses that she had locked away long ago. Now it was like someone (or something) had ripped the bandages off of them and she didn't like it one bit.

(open) DOGGO

Jul. 12th, 2017 01:58 pm
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Who: Aloy and you
Where: Leaving the animal shelter, Aloy's yard, the park
When: July 10-12
What: ALOY GETS A DOG. Because serious roleplay.
Warnings: None. Unless you're scared of dogs. Then, dogs.


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ac warning list

Jul. 11th, 2017 10:06 pm
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Hello! This is a reminder from your modteam that activity check ends on July 14th, 12:01 AM EST! The following people still need to respond:

Avari Loussemourne - [personal profile] lasselanta
Henry Cooldown - [personal profile] handsomefoil
Johnny Joestar - [personal profile] slowdancer
Leo Barnes - [personal profile] misruled
Prompto Argentum - [personal profile] failtography
Sarra - [personal profile] candlekeep

Check in on the AC post to get your name taken off. Or, if there's been a mistake, comment here. If you're dropping a character, please remember to leave a comment in the drop post, as this step helps us process things more easily!

Character Categorizing

Jul. 11th, 2017 07:00 pm
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Hello again. Just a quick post this time in regards to events coming up.

For plot purposes, we'll need you to comment to the appropriate thread in the following categories:
Note. Only one category per character. If your character can fit into several categories, choose the earlier category (ie. if your character can heal others AND lift a car, choose category 1).
  • CATEGORY 1. Your character possesses immense strength, able to lift a typical full four-wheeled vehicle.
  • CATEGORY 2. Your character is strong enough to carry two people at once.
  • CATEGORY 3. Your character has an ability to heal others.
  • CATEGORY 4. Your character has an ability to self-heal/heal quickly or wouldn't require medical attention when injured.
  • CATEGORY 5. Your character has special abilities that would be able to help others in any way.
  • CATEGORY 6. Your character is human but is learned in medicine.
  • CATEGORY 7. Your character is human but has skills that would help others in some way.
  • CATEGORY 8. Your character is human and does not possess any special skills.
  • CATEGORY 9. Those who don't respond to this post will automatically be placed this category.
Please note that this has no bearings over who gets a bigger slice of the plot. No category is more important than the other plot-wise. This will just be an easy way for us to set the stage for a large game opening.

Without further ado!
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Good evening, El Nysa. Thank you for your continual patience as we tidy up the communities in wake of game opening. We know it has been quite an extended application cycle. All this preparation is to secure a smooth and worth-while game opening that you, our players, expect and deserve. We are nearly there with five days left, and we are just excited as you are.

There are some topics we wish to go over with you tonight, some more important than others. We’ll start with the most important:

Application Cycles, and subsequently, Activity Requirements.
The next application cycle will begin Friday, September 1st. That means we'll be here for a good month and a half before potential fresh blood comes in. The initial reason for this is fairly simple: because the game opens on mid-month, July 15th, we wanted our players to get their footing with the game's setting, as well as get accustomed to our approach at events and plots before it gets chaotic for the application cycles again.

This extra time will also allow us, the mods, to see what works and what doesn't. We will be observing to see what our playerbase tends to gravitate towards when the write-ups and quests come around. And finally, this also gives us the mods and you the players an opportunity to get to know each other's styles.

All that to say that a 4-week cycle is simply too short for all of this to be possible.

That brings us to our next topics of discussion, in two parts: first, activity requirements. Despite the extended activity check cycle, we will not be changing the requirements outlined here for the first round, so you may rest assured of that. Activity checks will begin on Sunday, August 27th and will last for four days. Please consider tracking modposts as a helpful reminder.

Now, this raises an interesting issue that we would like to propose and discuss with you as our playerbase: because of everything outlined above, we are considering the possibility of keeping these 6-week app/activity cycles permanently. If we do, that means that activity requirements will subsequently be bumped slightly to match the extended time. While we are pretty set on the 6-week cycle proposal, we are still open to discussion about activity requirements. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Rooming & Housing Arrangements.
This is a topic that has been brought up several times. We initially wanted to randomize rooming arrangements complete with a list, but had decided against it because we found we wouldn't have time to maintain another list. That is why all rooming and housing may be arranged by you.

There are two primary locations your character will find themselves: first, Olympia's "starter" dormitories, and second (to a far lesser degree), Thesa Station living quarters.

Thesa Station's living situation is completely randomized, but no one has "permanent" rooms unless they personalize their area somehow. Additionally, it will be rare that all of the Refugees will be back at the station at once; once they descend to El Nysa, they will be able to return to the Station whenever they please. For this reason, we don't feel it's necessary to have a list of the rooming assignments for Thesa, but if you would like to, by all means!

For Olympia, the starter dormitories range from 2-4 people quarters, all unisex, and again randomized. We will have a section on the CR meme Wednesday for you to declare your rooming plans. Emi, the player of Porpentina Goldstein ([personal profile] goldsteins) and Artoria Pendragon ([personal profile] estimable), has stepped up to volunteer to set up an organized rooming list. If anyone else is interested in helping, please be sure to contact her. Once she has gotten a group, mods may again be approached so that we can disclose the dormitory floor plans for this benefit.

For plot reasons, we will not be releasing the rest of Olympia's locations page until game open.

On Discord, Taken list, Username Directory, Natha REP, and TDM.
THE DISCORD CHANNEL. For those who are unaware, we have a Discord Server that is created for players to get to know eachother. While it's not a requirement, we do answer minor questions there quite frequently. Like all communities, there are ground rules. Please be sure to check the #rules channel before chatting.

THE TAKEN LIST has been updated. Please let us know if there are any errors.

THE NETWORK USERNAME DIRECTORY. Zee, our Bruce Wayne ([personal profile] beknight) and Asha Greyjoy ([personal profile] laveers) has created a Network Username Directory for your reference. This is an opt-in. As written by Zee themselves: "your character will need to ICly install a phone app to view the entire list. If your character wouldn't do that, please right click and delete the row." Please contact Zee if you have any questions.

YOUR FIRST NATHA REP. Please remember to submit your Training Module threads for your first NATHA REP. The deadline is this Saturday, July 15th. While the thread would count for both characters as long as they're of qualifying length, we require both players post their own comments. Include your character's name and series in the comment for ease of reading and listing. Thank you!

Finally, THE TEST DRIVE MEME. We will not be providing an additional overflow. Please move the threads into your journals if reCAPTCHA becomes an issue.

That concludes our first mod address. We will not be giving access to the OOC community until after the CR/Intro meme to avoid mass confusion. Please refer to the thread below if you have any questions.
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